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Adele responds to Karl Lagerfeld’s “fat” comments, and he… apologizes?

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It was just two days ago that Karl Lagerfeld really stepped in it, offering his unwanted opinions on everything from Russian men (ugly!) to Lana del Rey’s plastic quotient (high!). But it was his comment on singer Adele’s body weight that really got people going—most especially our verbalist, Sarah Nicole Prickett.

Well it seems the Kaiser hasn’t yet learned his lesson: just yesterday he offered one of the most circular, confusing, nonsensical apologies we’ve ever heard.
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They said/We said: The best tidbits from Karl’s Metro interview, including thoughts on M.I.A.’s middle finger and Michelle Obama


Photography by Peter Stigter

If you were ever in doubt if Karl Lagerfeld had a verbal filter, his musings in Metro should clear things up. Acting as guest EIC, the designer took to the global newspaper to give his two cents (more like an entire change purse!) on various topics.

Amid the array of outrageous comments, the most shocking is calling Adele “a little too fat.” Lagerfeld has been known to weigh in on body size and has said before that those who criticized models for looking anorexic were fat “chip-eating, jealous mummies”—ironic coming from someone who’s no stranger to being heavy, having lost nearly 100 pounds in 2001.

Adele however, was not the only singer in his latest musings—Lana Del Rey also gets a mention. As well as the Greek economic crisis and Florence Welch, the designer had things to say regarding:
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