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Top Fall 2014 Trends: 226 runway and street style photos of fashion month’s 10 biggest moments


Fall 2014 Trends

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Your first time at any international fashion week will teach you a valuable lesson: You need a fur. And not just any Margot Tenenbaum style granny hand-me-down. A fur so intricately patterned, multi-layered and artificially coloured, that it has to be designer. Given its place at the apex of the top Fall 2014 trends, you’d think recessionary times were long gone—it’s virtually everywhere, from a hyper colour mink at Altuzarra to a fluffy red dress at Prada. Wear it with caution or as Dior prescribes, dangle it over your arm like it’s no big d. Let the fur fly, scruples or otherwise.

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A Dozen Girls: Juergen Teller shoots Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton A Dozen Girls Juergen Teller

Photography by Juergen Teller

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A new era dawned on the final day of Paris Fashion Week, with Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton rebalancing the high-design equilibrium offset when he ditched Balenciaga back in November 2012. For Ghesquière devouts, the 48-look collection of pared-back cool girl clothes was like lifeblood. For him, I imagine it was the sartorial echo of Kelis’s sarcasm-filled anthem “Copy Cat” (“Oh come here, copycat! You’re my puppet, you know I love it! You could do it, I did it already”). You know, the Parisian way of saying “Step off, b*tch.”

There’s no comparing yesterday’s show with Marc Jacobs’ glittering spring ode to showgirls, and while choosing between the two would be fashion’s Sophie’s Choice, it looks like someone did: Jeurgen Teller. The German photographer long associated with Marc Jacobs ads turned down the Spring 2014 campaign starring Miley Cyrus, and instead shot an off the cuff lookbook for Ghesquière’s Vuitton collection entitled “A Dozen Girls.” The photographs feature a sampling of the collection on models including longstanding Ghesquière favourite Liya Kebede. Like the show, the photographs are, in a word, flawless.
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Street Style, Paris: 21 shots of Chanel swag, motorcycle garb and laser cuts outside fashion week

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Street Style Paris Fashion Week

Photography by Team Peter Stigter

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You would think that after almost a month of Fashion Weeks with intense schedules, endless fashion shows and plenty of travel time, the fashion elite would be running out of things to wear. But the latest batch of street style shots from outside Paris Fashion Week depict anything but. Some of our favourite street style stars were out in full force, wearing their best and brightest, and enjoying all the fashion frivolities.  Clearly the playful vibes from Chanel’s fashion-show-turned-shopping-centre were infectious.

Besties and fellow editors, Giovanna Battaglia and Anna Dello Russo hammed it up for the cameras atop concrete bollards. Just how ADR got up there without rumpling her floor-length Spring 2014 Valentino, we’ll never know. In a coy twist on a virginal long sleeved lace dress, Kate Foley wore a strip of bright red gaffe tape strategically placed as a pseudo censor bar straight from the Preen Fall 2014 show. Several models fresh off of the Chanel runway proudly showed off their free swag courtesy of the label’s shopping aisles. (We’re more than a little jealous of Anya Ziourova’s Chanel doormat…)
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Miu Miu’s Fall 2014 front row is crazy star-studded (and Oscar-winning)!


Miu Miu Fall 2014 Rihanna Lupita

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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As Paris Fashion Week wraps up today, the international fashion circuit comes to a close. But as with all good things, the arguably best shows were saved for last. Or rather the most star studded front rows. At this morning’s Miu Miu Fall 2014 show, every pretty young thing turned up to watch the runway; even Jared Leto and his perfectly coiffed hair made an appearance!

Prada/Miu Miu It girl and newly minted Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o was wore a Spring 2014 ruched pink skirt and cropped jacket with an embellished collar in a deep raspberry shade that complemented her skin tone flawlessly. After reportedly introducing herself to all of her fellow front row-ers (so darn polite!), she pulled out some thick framed tortoise shell glasses to enjoy the show. Bad eyesight be damned. Fellow Miu Miu frontwoman Elle Fanning kept things prim and proper, removing her light blue Miu Miu jacket to reveal a yellow houndstooth sleeveless top and matching blue pleated skirt as she sat for the show.
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Paris Fashion Week: The Fall 2014 shows bring the antics


Alexander McQueen Fall 2014

Photography by Peter Stigter

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Over lunch today with the team from Chanel‘s Canadian press office, we couldn’t help rehashing the extravagant spectacle we’d just been lucky enough to witness from the front row. The full grocery store set up included fresh vegetable and cheese stands, along with aisles and aisles of canned goods, cleaning products, cupboard staples and bathroom essentials. More than 400 different products had been assembled and branded with the double Cs and Karl’s witty bon mots (only Chanel can get away with “sacs plus belle” garbage bags and 50% markup posters). This house in particular, has always led the pack with its devotion to creating a lasting impression through a full sensory experience. More and more designers are jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to have editors, buyers and shoppers create emotional attachments to their brands. In a week devoted to clothes, theatrics aren’t necessary, but a fun way to stand out from the pack and further promote your seasonal message. Here are this week’s top shows that pushed the envelope with memorable antics:
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Louis Vuitton Livestream: Watch the Fall 2014 fashion show straight from Paris Fashion Week!


Chanel branded pickles! Rihanna rides in a shopping cart! The top 5 moments from Chanel’s Fall 2014 show


chanel fall 2014 supermarket

Photography by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

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Only Karl Lagerfeld could turn a supermarket into a destination spot. Today’s Chanel Fall 2014 show transformed Paris’s iconic Grand Palais into a full-fledged Chanel Shopping Centre, complete with rows upon rows of  double-C branded canned goods, condiments and more. Given that this was a Lagerfeld-designed grocery store, the aisles were immaculately styled and featured a towering pyramid of coconuts that would make any Whole Foods shopper jealous.

Among the editors and fashion elite in attendance were Rihanna and Chanel ambassador Keira Knightley, who both wore mock crop tops and skirts from the Spring 2014 Couture collection. Keira stuck with her go-to black and white palette, pairing her look with feminine metallic pumps, while Rihanna was in pale-purple and donned matching lavender sneakers and fanny pack. Take note, the mock crop top is the new crop top.

While there was plenty of fun to be had before and after the runway presentation, here’s our rundown of the top standout moments from the Chanel Supermarket: Read more »

Street Style, Paris: 23 shots of statement-making sweaters outside the Fall 2014 shows


Street Style Paris Fashion Week

Photography by Team Peter Stigter

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Despite North America’s still frigid temperatures, things seem to be somewhat bearable in Paris—that, or the fashion crowd is impermeable to the cold. Could go either way, really.

Yesterday’s styles on the streets showed people shedding bulky coats in favour of quirky sweaters and lighter pieces. Call it the Moschino-effect—ever since its logo-fied collection showed in Milan, graphic prints and novelty sweaters have become the must-have item for Fall 2014. Case in point: Soo Joo playfully sporting the brand’s blockbuster sweater dress and another fashion go-er with the matching chain bag, both with the now recognizable riff on McDonald’s golden arches. Beyond the logo sweater (also seen in a red Carven incarnation) a statement sweater will do just as well. Yasmin Sewell and Miroslava Duma were chatting it up, both in eye-catchingly bright sweaters paired with neutral bottoms. Black sweaters will do just as well—that is, as long as it has a body-spanning trim of fringed tassels. We’d like one in every colour please. Read more »

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