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Summer hair inspiration: 10 no fuss celebrity styles to easily recreate at home


best celebrity summer hair

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Simple and fuss-free: two words that come to mind when we think summer hair. While it’s fun to experiment with elaborate updos or dye your hair in every colour of the rainbow, some days the sexy bedhead look is suffice (#wokeuplikethis). But if you’re tired of sporting the same old side-swept hair à la Kristen Stewart, then you’re in luck. With summer sort of in the air, we round up our top 10 best celebrity hairstyles perfect for the hot sunny season. Ranging from casual braids to ponytails to beach waves, you can literally roll out of bed and whip up these summer hairstyles easily. We promise. Read more »

How to get a smooth, perfect ponytail: We share 3 game-changing tricks to ensure a bump-free style


The ponytail is probably the first hairstyle you ever learned how to do, but chances are it’s one you still struggle with to this day. It should be simple: brush hair back, pull it all together, secure in place with an elastic. But oh, the variables! Hair texture, length and volume can all change the way a ponytail looks and how tricky it is to style. And just when you think you’ve pulled off the perfect ponytail, you let go of the elastic only to see ridges and bumps in your hair. What should have been smooth hair just looks like a mess.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered just how easy is is to fix these common ponytail errors. I met up with Morgan Roy, creative director at the Aveda Institute Toronto, to discuss the problematic ponytail and she shared some easy tricks on how to style one that’s bump-free. Read more »

Holiday hair: 5 easy steps to creating a fancy ponytail that’s party-ready


Holiday Hair tutorial fancy ponytail step-by-step

Hair and makeup by Margot Keith. Model: Zahra/Ford Models. Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri.

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The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that has a seemingly endless number of variations. In fact, by changing the part, adding some curl or positioning the final pony in a different spot, it’s a style you could likely wear seven days a week without anyone being the wiser. While quick ponytails are often associated with going to the gym or casual dressing, it only takes a few modifications to make it work as a holiday hairstyle. It’s a trend that’s supported by A-listers and designers alike: Gwyneth Paltrow wore a structured ponytail on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards and Joe Fresh and Jonathan Saunders (to name just a few) had models in polished ponytails on the Fall 2012 runways. Read more »

Beauty Fix: The trick to removing waterproof mascara, how to style a non-sporty ponytail and the best fragrance for fall


Beauty Fix

When it comes to playing around with beauty products, there are things that take a long time to master—like learning how to do a new hairstyle or makeup technique –and things that are easy to change in a matter of minutes. (We’re not the only ones who wait until a free Saturday afternoon to test a style, are we?) This week, Beauty Fix is taking on questions about simple fixes—such as the trick to removing waterproof mascara, why you should wear bronzer long after summer ends and how to perfect a ponytail that doesn’t scream “I’m going to the gym!”

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Fall/Winter 2012 beauty trend report: 70 of the best hair and makeup looks and products from New York, London, Milan and Paris!

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Fall/Winter 2012 beauty trend report

By Lesa Hannah and Sarah Daniel

Our Fall/Winter 2012 beauty trend report covers the makeup, manicures and hairstyles you need to know, paired with the best new products. From the moody colours of Dark Shadows to Wild Side’s super saturated shades and groomed ponytails, we have all of fall’s top looks in one spectacular slideshow. Time to start browsing!

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Beauty Fix: The reason you should use oils on your face, how to perfect a ponytail and other celebrity-inspired hair and makeup tips!


While awards season has wound down, film festivals and TV upfronts are underway—meaning once again we’re inundated with amazing red carpet looks from our favourite stars. So, ’tis the season to try a new trick with your makeup or figure out how to achieve a look that’s trending in celebrity circles—and we’ll help you along the way! This week we’re talking about Diane Kruger‘s dewy complexion, Lauren Conrad‘s perfect ponytails and other polished summer looks you’ll surely be inspired to try.

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Viola, Gwyneth, Jessica, and Stacy: Our 4 favourite hairstyles from the Oscars red carpet


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We’re still pouring over all the red carpet pictures from last night’s Academy Awards but there were four hairstyles that stood out the very moment we saw them. Twitter exploded when Viola Davis stepped out with her natural hair and we have to agree—the cropped cut is stunning and the slight red colour takes her green dress to a whole new level. Stacy Keibler‘s makeup may have veered into “too tanned” territory, but her Old Hollywood hair was impeccable. The low side part was fixed in the back with a roll that blended into the rest of her waves perfectly—a trick we’ll certainly be copying in the future! Onto Jessica Chastain: based on the last time we saw her hair down, we’re guessing she was wearing extensions, but you would never know it. All extension-loving starlets need to find out who her hairstylist is, pronto! They were flawless, and the long, cascading curls were so elegant we’ll forgive her half-updo. And finally, if you can take a moment to stop admiring Gwyneth Paltrow‘s red-carpet cape, you’ll be equally impressed by her low-slung ponytail. From the front it had the appearance of a sleek faux bob, and from the back it was so sculpted and voluminous—but without a hint of the crown teasing that most other red-carpet ponies tend to acquire.
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Spring beauty report 2012: Slippery slope


Spring beauty report 2012: Slippery slope

By Lesa Hannah and Sarah Daniel

It was sink or swim backstage, where wet hair and glistening skin were major beauty themes to surface this season. At Bottega Veneta and Diesel, Guido Palau crafted dripping chignons and misty ponytails. At Alexander Wang, models looked like they had just hopped out of the shower. The sopping effect wasn’t achieved with H2O but with argan hair treatment “until you really get it looking wet,” says Palau. Super-hydrated skin with a healthy sheen was reminiscent of an Olympian post-workout, or in the case of Missoni, a girl who had been up all night flamenco dancing—the models’ dewy complexions achieved through artful placement of metallic cream shadow. That shine could also result from plenty of Botox, according to makeup artist Val Garland, who simulated that supernatural skin for Giambattista Valli by strategically applying a pink-gold pigment on the planes of the face.

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