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Wardrobe upgrades: 10 must-haves to take your closet of classics to the next level


Wardrobe Upgrades

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By a certain age, it’s safe to assume that any fashion-minded woman would own at least a few wardrobe staples. The little black dress that takes you from day to night? Check. The quintessential It bag you’ve dreamed about since childhood? Check (if you’re lucky). But now that you’ve got ‘em, what’s next? With summer in full swing (and sales going on everywhere), there’s no better time to upgrade. From fun statement heels to chic varsity jackets to this season’s much-coveted ’90s slip dress, we draw up a list of 10 new classics every woman should have in their wardrobe. Still hankering for a breakdown of practical buys? We’ve got a solid list that will last a lifetime, too. Read more »

Bicycle fashion: 10 things you need to know to be a stylish and safe city cyclist


Bicycle Fashion

After what seemed like an un-ending winter sans wheels, biking season is finally upon us! Freeing urban dwellers from the cramped confines of public transport and high-traffic break lights, the two-wheel form of transportation is often your best bet. However, biking does come with its fair share of obstacles, and both safety and style are at the top of that list (be sure to refresh yourself on the rules of the road before getting started). In honour of the cherished transit changeover, we present our foolproof guide to being a stylish and safe city cyclist.

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How to wear asymmetrical hems: 10 lessons we learned from street style stars


How To Wear Asymmetrical Hems

Photography by Peter Stigter

How to wear asymmetrical hems »

Asymmetrical hems, whether high fashion or mall style, have become wardrobe mainstays over the past few seasons. Signalled by Proenza Schouler’s now-iconic Fall 2012 wrap skirt, the oft-copied style (ahem, Zara) is the perfect blend of skirt, skort, short and more. And while some styles have reached saturation level (ahem, mullet skirt), asymmetrical hems have proved here to stay because of their versatility—They work in pretty much every situation and wardrobe! Taking some tips from the fashion mavens du jour (our favourite street style mavericks, of course) we show you how to wear asymmetrical hems for another season. Be ahead of the curve, the curve of the hem that is.
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Proenza Schouler for M.A.C: An exclusive chat with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez about the beauty collab


Proenza Schouler MAC

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

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They say that youth is wasted on the young, but Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez haven’t frittered theirs away. In 2002, at only 23, they launched Proenza Schouler, which has gone global. But in spite of running one of the most coveted labels in the world, they retain an air of boyish charm.

Seated in a suite in London’s Claridge’s hotel, both are in rumpled clothes and sneakers: Hernandez’s are New Balance, McCollough’s are Adidas. They’re here to discuss their partnership with M.A.C, a brand that has paved the way for designer makeup collaborations—Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Gareth Pugh are a few it’s teamed with. “We don’t even think of them as collaborations,” says James Gager, senior vice-president and group creative director. “My attitude is these are just people who are part of our brand.” Given that M.A.C has been the beauty sponsor for Proenza’s shows since 2008, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner. Read more »

Top Fall 2014 Trends: 226 runway and street style photos of fashion month’s 10 biggest moments


Fall 2014 Trends

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Your first time at any international fashion week will teach you a valuable lesson: You need a fur. And not just any Margot Tenenbaum style granny hand-me-down. A fur so intricately patterned, multi-layered and artificially coloured, that it has to be designer. Given its place at the apex of the top Fall 2014 trends, you’d think recessionary times were long gone—it’s virtually everywhere, from a hyper colour mink at Altuzarra to a fluffy red dress at Prada. Wear it with caution or as Dior prescribes, dangle it over your arm like it’s no big d. Let the fur fly, scruples or otherwise.

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Spring 2014 Must Haves: 3 instant updates that will bring your wardrobe into next season


Spring 2014 Must Haves

With spring hovering that much closer, it’s finally time to recharge those warm weather wardrobes (insert smiley face emoji here). This season, there are a few key pieces that will easily transform your look, and we’re here to make that transition as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A ‘90s revival on the runways breathed new life into the slipdress, making it the ultimate wardrobe essential layered under knits, with plaid and camo. Meanwhile, sex appeal was made hip with the advent of the side-slit leather skirt on runways like Proenza Schouler and Reed Krakoff. The long-favoured bomber jacket also reappeared on the runway this season, in satin and with transparent touches at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten. So get ready to ditch all that heavy winter gear and consider these three as your must-have items to elevate your look this spring

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Must-have backpacks: 17 of the best bets for this season’s throwback style



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No longer just for high schoolers, the backpack has undergone full fashion resurgence over the past few seasons. Its appeal is quite simple: it leaves you hands-free and perfectly in-line with fashion’s ongoing nineties fascination. Whether you need to schlep around your groceries or double fist two coffees, the backpack is a must-have for gals and guys on the go.

This season, everyone from Proenza Schouler to 3.1 Phillip Lim have created luxe versions of the style. And while the backpack has been making runway appearances since 2011 (lest we forget The Row’s alligator skin $34,000 take), some skeptics still deem it too junior. Haters would be directed to Chanel’s Spring 2014 collection, which featured a graffiti style canvas number already holding a waitlist demand.
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Spring Beauty 2014: 109 photos of the top trends and must-have products this season


spring beauty 2014 trends

Photography: Runway by Peter Stigter; Product by Carlo Mendoza

See the top beauty trends for Spring 2014 »

Ready to refresh your makeup bag? The beauty trends for Spring 2014 are all about colour, texture and letting your skin shine. Gone are last season’s moody berry shades, deep lips and velvet skin finishes. For Spring 2014, the top beauty trends include popsicle-orange lips, eyeshadows in every pastel shade under the sun and a whole lotta love for gold pigments. For those less inclined to pile on the product, good news: the no makeup makeup look is also trending this season. Read more »

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