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Are you punk enough? 10 celebrity half-shaved hairstyles to inspire your next transformation


celebrity half-shaved hairstyle

See the best celebrity half-shaved hairstyles »

Asymmetrical hairstyles of any kind have been making their way around the celebrity pool lately. While the once-punk look used to be reserved for the most hardcore of style-makers, many celebs have proven that half-shaved hairstyles are actually super-wearable. Heck, even Hollywood’s most glam have experimented with the undercut and half-shaved look (looking at you, Scarlett Johannson). With its instant ability to transform someone from glam to edgy, we can see why this risky look is becoming more of a red carpet beauty trend lately. Thinking of new and unexpected ways to change your image? Then you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re not ready to make such a bold move, we’ve still got you covered. From Rosario Dawson’s side-shaved look to Julianne Hough’s faux-undercut, we round up the 10 best celebrity half-shaved hairstyles (real and faux!) to inspire your next transformation. Read more »

How to wear bright eyeshadow: 15 celebrities who rock every colour of the rainbow


how to wear bright eyeshadow celebrity

See how to wear bright eyeshadow like your favourite celeb »

Lips may be seen as the go-to when it comes to statement beauty looks, but some of our favourite celebrities prove that that’s not always the case by demonstrating exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow. Every so often, A-list stars dabble in the art of statement eyes on the red carpet by experimenting with bright eyeshadow, and obviously, it makes us beauty junkies positively giddy. But mastering the statement eye is no easy feat, especially when it comes down to zeroing in on what colour works for your individual skin tone. But before you pass on this celebrity beauty trend, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best statement eyes to show you exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow the right way. From Elle Fanning’s striking yellow eyeliner to Olivia Wilde’s flirty purple eyeshadow, we present you the best statement eyes out there in every colour of the rainbow! Read more »

10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles you can do in 60 seconds or less (probably)


celebrity ponytail hairstyles

Find out which celebrity ponytail hairstyle you should try »

Like braids, the ponytail has been around for as long as we can remember. While this look may seem like the boring option when it comes to choosing a updo (after all, it is a go-to hairstyle for bad hair days and the gym), celebrities have shown us that this ‘do is anything but boring. Find it hard to believe? We’ve rounded up 10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles that work for everything from running errands to going all-out glam. And to show you that there is a ponytail for everyone out there, we went ahead and matched a personality to each style, because we care.

For the bombshells out there, Laura Vandervoort’s sleek ponytail is the look you should go for when you’re heading out for date night. Invited to a high school reunion and want to show off your unbelievable confidence? Who better than to channel Blake Lively’s Amazonian braid and ponytail hybrid for the ultimate professional-chic look? And if you just want to take a cue from Cara Delevingne and work an It Girl attitude, then her messy high pony is one you need to try. Whoever coined the term “let your hair” down clearly never laid eyes on any of these chic and easy hairdos. Here are 10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles we love. Read more »

15 impossibly chic celebrity braids for every event in your calendar


celebrity braids

Where to wear these drool-worthy celebrity braids »

Braids and summer seem to go hand in hand. Sure, you can opt for other summer-worthy hairstyles but somehow we keep going back to sweet, sweet braids, time and time again. What’s better is that celebrity braids have been getting more glamorous and unique each season, leaving us mesmerized and needing to try them out.

Braids have been a part of our lives forever, from sporting cute pigtails during our elementary school days to trying out the latest trend (Waterfall! Fishtail! Mermaid!) for prom, the look is one hairstyle that just never gets old. Casual or glam, you can always count on a good braid or two to take you from day to night.

In the spirit of summer, we’re all about experimenting with new hairstyles, and up next on our list is each and every one of these celebrity braids. So if you’re tired of the same old French braid, fear not. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best celebrity braids (from Blake Lively’s ponytail hybrid to Rihanna’s Amazonian braid) and shared where to wear each one this season. Whether you’re looking for a braided hairstyle suited for a dinner date or something quick and easy when you’re biking around the city, we’ve got the celebrity braid for you. So for nostalgia’s sake, it’s time to call up your besties for a night of braiding and gossip. Don’t believe us when we say there’s a braid for every event? Check out the gallery below and see for yourself!  Read more »

10 celebrity top knot hairstyles to keep you cool and chic this summer


celebrity top knot

See the best celebrity top knot hairstyles »

Beach-waves may be synonymous with summer, but there are some days (ahem, extreme heat warnings) when we just need to throw our hair up into a quick bun ASAP. Because honestly, nothing feels worse than having hair stuck to the back of your sweaty neck on a hot summer day.

Love the convenience of a top knot but cringe at the thought of wearing the same look day in and day out? From simple high buns to dramatic bouffants, we tracked down our 10 favourite celebrity top knots on the red carpet. With the humidex slowly but surely rising lately, you know you’ll need endless ideas to switch up your ‘do. Here’s to keeping cool while looking good this summer. Read more »

Celebrity wedding day beauty: 10 A-list bridal looks to add to your Pinterest board


celebrity beauty wedding

See our 10 fave celebrity wedding beauty looks »

With Kimye’s extravagant Florentine wedding a distant memory and behind-the-scenes photos of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s wedding surfacing, it’s hard not to be swept off our feet with summer wedding fever. And with our favourite A-listers happy to share pics on social media, it’s as if we were actually there (but not really). While the wedding dress usually gets all the attention (it is the most important dress a girl will ever wear), the makeup and hair plays just as much of a crucial part in the overall look. With wedding season in full swing, what better way to inspire your upcoming (or future) wedding than looking to the people who do it best? From bohemian styles to full-on glam, we round up our 10 favourite celebrity wedding beauty looks. Read more »

Solange’s best beauty looks: A look back at the singer’s most memorable red carpet moments


Solange CFDA

Photography by Larry Busacca

Check out Solange’s 10 best beauty looks  »

When you think of Solange Knowles best beauty looks, bold and bright shades immediately come to mind, right? In typical younger sibling fashion, Solange has made a name for herself on the red carpet by being the cooler, edgier Knowles sister. While Beyonce is known for her curve-hugging, metallic gowns and perfect, beauty pageant hair,  Solange usually goes for more risk-taking looks, like turquoise eyeliner and hot pink lips. In honour of her 28th birthday today, we’re taking a look at Solange’s best beauty looks ever.
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Bold hair, don’t care: 10 dramatic celebrity hair transformations


celebrity hair transformations

See the celebrity hair transformations »

If we were to name our favourite kind of celebrity news, dramatic hair transformations would be high on that list. Though it comes as no surprise to hear that some of our fave celebs are changing up their looks for film roles (it’s in the job description, you know), we’d be lying if we said celebrity hair transformations don’t faze us from time to time. So whether the A-listers are going from long to short or from blonde to red, we’re all for it.

There’s no question short hair was a clear celebrity trend last year with Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway making the change from long to short. But judging from the latest celebrity hair transformations, this trend is here to stay. While Taylor Swift went for the drastic change earlier this year, chopping off her Rapunzel-like hair and opting for a bob style instead (possibly inspired by her IRL BFF Karlie Kloss?), the most recent (and surprising!) celeb to go short is Jennifer Aniston. Known for her wavy blonde hair, she shocked fans by debuting a sleek lob in a soft brown hue. Read more »

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