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What are you wearing to fashion week? 8 statement-making outfits from the Style Panel


fashion week style panel

Nothing brings out show stopping outfits like Fashion Week Month. But we’re not just talking about the runways—the style always continues outside of the venues. Editors, bloggers and wealthy patrons tend to go all out, wearing their most attention grabbing outfits, and sometimes changing between shows. So we couldn’t help but wonder—given the chance, what would our Style Panel wear to fashion week?

In the first few days of shows, we’ve seen some jaw-dropping looks from fashion go-ers. Most notably, Michelle Harper, the queen of shock and awe, was out in a sleeveless dress with a completely see through upper-half, despite the frigid temperatures. But seemingly one of the biggest trends among fashion’s players is to mix contradictory pieces, seamlessly blending them into cohesive looks. Case in point: camp socks and gladiator sandals or a floor length grey satin skirt with a Carhartt workman’s jacket. There are no rules when it comes to Fashion Week. And if you’re ever in doubt about how to style an outfit worthy of Fashion Week, just remember: arms never go in the sleeves.

Question 90: What would your big fashion statement be for Fashion Week? Read the answers now! »

Our Style Panellists, no strangers to trying new looks or mixing it up in the name of fashion, showed how they would rock Fashion Week. Barbara Anna Solomon from Barbara Ann’s Style Blog kept things quirky with a peek-a-boo skirt and throwback sweater. Becky Kung of Velvet & Vino kept things ladylike while at the New York Fall 2014 shows with a midi skirt, it-bag and statement coat. The biggest takeaway, however, was that all of our panellists put their own unique spin on their outfits— proving that the best look for Fashion Week is something that is totally you.
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Fall transition: 11 Style Panel tips for taking your summer wardrobe into fashion’s biggest season

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Fall Transition Style Panel

With the September issues hitting the stands, the seasonal change is just around the corner. The unsought transition of summer to fall is aided only by an exciting new set of trends that give our weepy hearts something to look forward to. And if the thought of a new fall wardrobe has you seeing dollar signs fear not. Fall’s fresh new colour palette of pink, grey, black and white and must-have looks (think leather, print and plaid) are sure to have you pulling out pieces you already own, so why wait? The new trends are ripe for the picking. We’re here to show you how to rock them for the final days of summer and beyond.

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1920s fashion: 12 Style Panel tips for taking The Great Gatsby from costume to reality


1920s Fashion Style Panel

With three days to go until the film hits theatres, it seems like The Great Gatsby fever might finally be reaching its pitch. With the film’s embedded glamour, its costume designer’s collaborations with Prada and Tiffany & Co., and the unending onslaught red carpet premieres and parties in celebration, can you blame us for being excited?

Already one of the most referenced styles in recent history, 1920s fashion is back in the spotlight. And while flapper dresses, embellished headpieces and layered pearls might look more like costume party and less like reality, we turned to our Style Panel for tips on how to adapt 1920s fashion for every day.

Taking hints from the film, both A Fashion Love Affair’s Cara McLeay and Dainty Girl’s Nicole Wilson take on shift dresses with heavy embellishments that while statement making, look ultra modern. Meanwhile, Over My Styled Body’s Lyndsey Forest, Short PresentsKayla Short, and Velvet & Vino’s Becky Kung channel the decade’s over-the-top accessories with long gold chains and pearls.

Question 50: How would you pull off the 1920s fashion trend for an everyday look? Read the answers now! »

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Get ready for spring! 18 Style Panel tips for transitioning your winter wardrobe for warmer weather


Get Ready for Spring

So far, 2013 has been a mighty test of our patience. While spring may have officially begun a month ago, Mother Nature has kept us waiting with bated breath for any real show of it.

And when checking your weather app before leaving the house no longer ensures you’re prepared for what awaits outside, it’s time to get creative with layering by mixing winter essentials with summertime accessories. Because we, much like everyone else, struggle with perfecting the subtle nuances to transitional dressing, we asked our Style Panel for a little help.

Our two newest members of the panel, both showed us how to make an airy maxi skirt an essential for the transition from winter to spring. Lyndsey Forest of Over My Styled Body paired her skirt with a heavy army-inspired jacket and camo scarf. Her combination of an ultra-girly skirt with a menswear jacket offers some end of winter inspiration for all of us. Meanwhile, Jennifer Pistor of Prairie Girl in the City matched her black maxi skirt with a bright pop of neon and floral shoes, inspiring us to get ready for spring.

Panellist Deanne McRae went a little nineties with her transitional look, wearing thigh-high socks, a full-skirt and leather jacket to add some warmth. And where McRae showed a little thigh, panel members like Cee Fardoe and Cara McLeay went barelegged and braved the last few moments of winter exposed in style.

Read on for more tips on making your wardrobe work as we transition out of winter (fingers crossed!) and into spring!

Question 47: What are your tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring? Read the answers now! »

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Fashion Icon: Our Style Panel members share their sartorial inspirations

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Fashion Icon Style Panel

There may be no shortage of style inspiration on the internet thanks to street style blogs, Tumblr, Pinterest and more, but when it comes to IRL style icons, who influences how you get dressed? From silver screen starlets to contemporary fashion darlings to fictional characters, most of us likely have a multitude of style icons that inspire the way we shop and our daily outfits.

But could you pick just one person as your ultimate style icon? Leave it to the Style Panel to be able to answer the unanswerable. From unexpected DJs to favourite TV shows, this week’s challenge shows that it’s actually a good thing to be all over the map when it comes to inspiration.
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The new metallic: 8 Style Panel tips for wearing the trend this spring


Metallic Trend Style Panel

If the Spring 2013 runways were any indication, we’ve got plenty reason to experiment with the metallic trend. Taking a cue from collections such as Dior, Burberry, Jonathan Saunders and Diane Furtesnberg, the now classic trend was given new life with colour strokes, stripes, floral prints appearing in rainbow shades on everything from full skirted gowns to bomber jackets.

And while the coloured metallic trend was at its hottest this season, it seems as if our Style Panel is more comfortable with keeping it old school. With the exception of panelist Zoe Smythe’s sky blue sequin shorts, the rest of the group showed off how to work tried and tested metals such as gold, silver and rosegold into otherwise matte outfits. So without further ado, let the metal games begin!

Question 42: What are your tips for updating the metallic trend this season Read the answers now! »

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Black on Black: 11 Style Panel tips for how to wear black in new and unique ways


Black on Black

Black. In fashion, the colour is both a classic and a classic fall back. Black looks good on anyone and will always go with any outfit, so no wonder most of us choose it as a safe and comfortable look on those days when we can’t find anything to wear. However, as is the case, black on black can sometimes look stale and even overwhelming, even if you’re wearing just one black piece. However, leave it to our Style Panel this week to tear down that notion and show us how to wear black clothing in the most interesting ways.

For Fall 2012, many designers showed us how to wear black in a multitude of ways. From the ‘90s-inspired studs at Versace to the more elegant black lace at Salvatore Ferragamo, the darkest shade was used to make outfits stand out with edge and decadence.

The ladies of our Style Panel took cue from the runways, but have done so in such unique ways that no two girls have even slightly similar looks. New Style Panel members Jacquelyn Son of Style Worthwhile, Deanne McRae of Threadbare and Stephanie Sterjovski of all took risks by going for (almost) all-black outfits, but in the end they each looked completely modern and on trend. Black is boring? Not this time.

Question 30: Show us how to wear black in unique and different ways. Read the answers now! »


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