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How could you choose? 13 Style Panel members reflect on their favourite outfits ever


Style Panel Favourite Outfit

Can you believe it!? The 100th challenge. For nearly two years, our trusty Style Panel has been conquering style challenges from coast to coast.

In honour of the 100th challenge we wanted to look back at the best-of by asking the Style Panel bloggers to chose a favouriite-ever look. This turned out to be the hardest challenge of all, since narrowing it down to a single look is no easy task. (Asking a fashion blogger to choose a favourite piece of clothing is like giving someone a litter of puppies and then telling them they can only choose one—nearly impossible, and sort of mean.)

The Panel, a handpicked group of Canada’s best-dressed fashion bloggers, has been answering your fashion queries using their unique fashion know-how. They’ve helped figure out Canadian tuxedos, taught us how to conquer normcore and fearlessly navigated through pastels. The Panel has been there like fashion seraphs leading through the sometimes-confusing trend terrain.

Question 100: If you had to choose, what would your favourite look be from recent years? Read the answers now! »

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How to rock the Canadian tuxedo: 5 Style Panel tips for wearing all over denim


all over denim

Ah, the Canadian tuxedo. Some love it and wear it well, others live in constant fear of looking like Britney and Justin when doing an all-demin look. Well, this week the Style Panel is all about converting any Canadian tuxedo naysayers into advocates for the look. The number one tip for trying all-denim is to make sure there’s some colour mixing going on. If you’re wearing dark jeans, pair it with a light-wash chambray shirt. And should you think this is a weekend-only look, think again: sharp tailoring and modern silhouettes can make all over denim a welcome mid-week style.

Question 99: How do you wear all over denim? Read the answers now! »

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Stylish rain gear: 4 Style Panel tips for puddle jumping April showers in style


Stylish Rain Gear Style Panel

As the old adage goes, April showers bring May flowers… right? (Just about any thought of spring will keep us going right now). It’s with that thought in mind that we embrace the upcoming month of rain as stylishly as possible. Gone are the days when outfits are overtaken by rubbery boots, nowadays, stylish rain gear is a dime a dozen. How then to incorporate resistant pieces into everyday outfits? We turned to our trusty Style Panel to find out.

Challenge 98: How do you look stylish in rain gear? Read the answers now! »

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Pastels for spring: 6 Style Panel tips for refreshing the trend this season

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pastel trend for spring 2014

Soft shades of pink and blue are often associated with spring, so we’ll forgive you for thinking this trend is one you’ve seen before. For Spring 2014 it’s all about making a statement with pastels, from head-to-toe looks that stand out to unexpected mixes of feminine shades with masculine tailoring details. But when you’ve had a closet full of baby blue and baby pink items for a few seasons now, how do you make it look new again?

We asked the Style Panel this very question and, as always, they provided many helpful tips and tricks for refreshing your take on pastels the season. For Northern Style ’s Kira Paran, a pastel leather jacket serves as an edgy way to wear the shade—and, as an added bonus, is an item that doesn’t require above-average spring temps to wear. The blogger behind Barbara Ann’s Style Blog , showed us her take on wearing monochromatic pastels, with a few easy tips on how to make the look less head-to-toe and more grounded. And should you still not be brave enough to wear all-over pastels, Coco and Vera’s Cee Fardoe shows us how this trend works just as well with pastel-hued accessories. So, how do you wear pastel shades? Flip through for inspiration on how to change it up this season.

Challenge 97: How do you refresh the pastel trend so that it looks new? Read the answers now! »

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How do you do normcore? 2 Style Panel suggestions for the anti-trend

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Normcore Style Panel

In a world where excess is lauded and imaginative, and perhaps certifiable, outfit pairings are the norm, it’s nice to have a break from the crazy and a return to reality, or something like it. Introducing Normcore. Inspired by the most unlikely of style heroes, your Dad circa every childhood vacation ever, the latest so-called “anti-trend” sweeping the streets is all about basics. Everything from Patagonia fleeces, to relaxed boot cut denim and Fruit of the Loom tees, to New Balance trainers — everything and anything that isn’t fashion-conscious works. This trend (let’s face it, it is the very definition of the word) is pretty much a godsend for anyone whose feet hurt after half an hour in high heels or can’t see the logic in donning an uncomfortable body-con dress.

Question 96: How do you wear #normcore? Read the answers now! »

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Spring wardrobe staples: 8 Style Panel tips for making what’s old feel new again


Spring Wardrobe Staple Style Panel

Any day now, it’ll start feeling like spring. When it gets here, we’ll be more than ready to shed layers. And while the web (this site included) is full of new buys to check off your seasonal shopping list, there’s something about the good old wardrobe staple that makes everything old feel new again.

Since we could all use some advice on how to make everything old feel new again, we tuned to our Style Panel members for some trusty tips for wearing their favourite pieces. As we found on the street outside fashion week, statement outerwear is key. Northern Style Kira Paran features an unexpected twist on the classic trench by choosing a sleeveless option as her wardrobe staple. We can’t deny the power of a good motorcycle jacket, which The Signature Bow‘s Leonie Markhorst tries in burgundy suede. As always, stripes signify spring, something Becky Kung and Stephanie Koch both renew for Spring 2014 a la runways like Altuzarra and Tanya Taylor.

So, what’s your spring wardrobe staple? Flip through for inspiration on how to change it up this season.

Challenge 95: What are your spring go-to items and why? Read the answers now! »


Spring transition: 11 Style Panel tips for adding this season’s trends into your existing wardrobe

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Winter be damned! We are officially setting out sights on spring, and along with it, its myriad bright, shiny list of trends to try. As we mentioned last week, all it takes are a few key pieces to transition your wardrobe through the seasons. Today, we’re taking a cue from our Style Panel, who has taken the transition one step further by working some spring trends into existing winter wardrobes.

The ‘90s made its way back onto the Spring 2014 runways courtesy of designers like DKNY and Rag & Bone, who re-introduced the nostalgic trend with a slick sporty twist. Blogger Nichole Alabi welcomes it with open arms, opting for a transitional look of loose fit crop top, baggy distressed denim and a pair of tan Ewing sneakers that would make even the Fresh Price envious. And while pastels are certainly not a foreign idea, the spring runways proved that head to toe looks in soft hues could still be interesting. Shorts Presents blogger Kayla Short and Lyndsey Forest of Over My Styled Body try the trend in two different ways, with equally awesome results.

Challenge 94: What are your spring transition tips? Read the answers now! »

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How to wear the athletic trend: 9 Style Panel for taking gym class to the streets


Athletic Trend Style Panel

Some of the most on-trend styles can often be some of the most uncomfortable. We have spent many a night staggering home on sore feet from sky scraping heels or sitting in uncomfortably restricting body-con dresses. All in the name of fashion, right? So imagine our glee when the athletic trend, one synonymous with comfy yet fashionable kicks and sporty gear, was bigger than ever on the Spring 2014 runways—viva la trend sneaker!

Despite being one of the most comfortable and freeing trends, the athletic trend has some restrictions. With such a relaxed silhouette and casual aesthetic, you have to be sure to keep things boardroom appropriate and far away from the locker room: sweaty old gym leggings need not apply. Clean lines and a sleek minimalist silhouette as well as luxurious fabrics—think Marni’s bejewelled visors or Marc Jacobssilk gym shorts—make sporty cues translatable to all facets of life. Beyond the iconic raglan tee or sneakers, sporty riffs also exist in fabric being appropriated into typically girly or formal silhouettes. Just take a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s neoprene fit-and-flare dresses or Tom Ford’s billowing mesh tanks, both perfect for a night out on the town.

Question 93: How do you wear the athletic trend? Read the answers now! »

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