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Inside the David Cronenberg exhibit opening at TIFF Bell Lightbox: 30 photos of faux scars, Mugwumps and more!


David Cronenberg Exhibit Opening TIFF

Photography by Kayla Rocca

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Spooksville made its way into TIFF Bell Lightbox on Wednesday night for the opening party of Cronenberg: Evolution (November 1-January 19), the exhibit celebrating the city’s most lauded director. The retrospective of David Cronenberg’s 40 years in film opens up a cabinet of curiosities with trippy artifacts, set designs and rare footage from various Cronenberg films including Crash, The Fly, Videodrome and Cosmopolis. My personal favourites: the original “bio-ports” used on Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh in eXistenZ (remember theeeeese?!) and a menacing Mugwump situated at a Naked Lunch bar setting for guests to pose for photos with. One such guest to take the photo opportunity: David Cronenberg himself, who posed alongside TIFF CEO Piers Handling and creative director Noah Cowan, earlier that day.
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Bond, James Bond: We go inside TIFF Bell Lightbox’s new Designing 007 exhibit!


James Bond Exhibit TIFF Lightbox

Photography by Sonia Recchia/Wireimage

Go inside the Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style Exhibition »

Fifty years is just enough time to coin some classic cinematic phrases. We all know “shaken not stirred” and “Bond, James Bond,” no matter if you’ve seen one or all 22 (23, now that Skyfall has been released) films, everyone knows something about James Bond. But today in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style opens and lets film lovers into the world of Bond.

For us, it’s about the costumes and design sketches. Bond is known for taking a tuxedo and making it timeless yet modernized with every new film. From suits that were worn by Pierce Brosnan to the Tom Ford tailored suit Daniel Craig wore in 2008 in Quantum of Solace, the exhibition shows off how the costuming and tailoring has advanced as time goes on.

As for the Bond Women (we were corrected after calling them Bond Girls), Bronwyn Cosgrave, guest curator of the exhibition sad it best, “They [Bond Women] have always had to epitomize beauty and style and consistently they’ve done that.” And that’s precisely what Designing 007 shows. Instead of making the Bond Women play a supporting role in the exhibit, the women’s costumes are mixed in with all of James’ gear and suits. But let’s be honest, it’s their outfits that really steal the show. The dresses span from an Oscar De La Renta in a classic ODR crimson red to a hooded Alaïa (who’s a totally important designer) that was worn by a super villain, May Day (played by Grace Jones) in A View To Kill. And the added bonus, the Bond Women’s diamonds, which really make the casino looks, are on display to be ogled. Read more »

The Weekend To Do: We’re hitting up Toronto’s new Monocle outpost, catching A$AP Rocky in Vancouver and screening the new Diana Vreeland documentary


Weekend To-Do October 19

With FASHION’s 35th Anniversary blow-out party behind us and Toronto Fashion Week ahead of us, we’re going to be indulging in a lot of R&R this weekend, with an emphasis on beauty sleep. Take it easy peasy with a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario, a shopping trip to Monocle and a documentary about Diana Vreeland.

Inside the Reel Artists Film Festival opening night party featuring the one and only Marina Abramovic!


Photography by Erin Seaman

It’s not every day that you get to play host to a living, breathing masterpiece! The Canadian Art Foundation was lucky enough to showcase Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic, who was in Toronto for the Canadian premiere of The Artist is Present at the Reel Artists Film Festival. The new documentary film chronicles her prolific and often painful career and follows the preparation for her 2010 retrospective show at the MoMA—she spent more than 700 hours over the course of three months staring into the eyes of museum visitors. Beyond her lifelong love affair with performance art, Abramovic is a designer devotee (having discovered fashion after a particularly nasty breakup); in the film, she’s shown shopping at Givenchy with none other than Riccardo Tisci. It’s no surprise then that the 65-year-old wore head-to-toe Costume National to the premiere, or that she counts Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker as a fan. At the a swank soiree, held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and bookended by not one but two cocktail parties, we spotted a smattering of guests from Canada’s creative set including Luminato’s Jörn Weisbrodt (who also made an appearance in the film), the Beckerman clan, and gallery owner Daniel Faria.

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Inside the opening of TIFF Bell Lightbox’s Grace Kelly exhibit (royalty included!)


Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco in Toronto

Photography by George Pimentel/WireImage

View exhibit photos »

While Toronto might not have had a stop on the royal visit earlier this summer, we were certainly treated to a princely presence at Wednesday night’s opening of TIFF Bell Lightbox’s ode to the original Hollywood royal, Grace Kelly. Their serene highnesses (and that’s a real salutation) Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco were in town to unveil the exhibit. While Albert addressed the crowd, speaking of things like his late mother’s “constant quest for perfection,” Charlene, in a knee-length ruffled black cocktail dress looked on in the shadows as she, well, tends to do. After a bit of bubbly and breathing royal air, we headed down for a peek of the exhibit, a mix of Kelly’s outfits, accessories, scrapbooks, posters, as well as a the pièce de résistance, a replica of her legendary (and Kate Middleton–referenced) wedding gown. Perhaps the most special though, affectionate correspondence from a one Alfred Hitchcock in which he inquires as to whether insects had infested Kelly’s hair. “Lysol, please.”
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FASHION Plates: Grace Kelly


By Randi Bergman and Jordan Porter

Who epitomizes old Hollywood style more than Grace Kelly? The silken blonde bob, the pearls, the notorious namesake Kelly bag… we’re still mesmerized by the actress-turned-princess years after her heyday. To celebrate her legacy, TIFF Bell Lightbox is showcasing pieces from Kelly’s wardrobe in the exhibition Grace Kelly: From Movie Star To Princess, opening November 4. They’ll have her iconic pieces on hand, but we’ve rounded up all the essentials you need to look the part of the royal Hollywood star.

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This just in: The Prince and Princess of Monaco are coming to Toronto!


Left: Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier of Monaco shot by Sipa Press/Rex Features. Right: Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco shot by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.

Royalty is coming! Announced this morning, the Monegasque Princely Family will be in Toronto on November 2, 2011, for the grand opening of the TIFF’s Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess exhibit. Kelly’s son, Prince Albert II, and his new wife Princess Charlène will officially open the exhibition, which features many of the former Princess of Monaco’s fashionable items including, as we reported in July, an exact replica of her wedding gown, her Hermès “Kelly Bag”, her original dresses, and her tiara. The Bell Lightbox will also play many of Kelly’s films throughout November and December, including Rear Window and Dial M for Murder. As Princess Charlene paves her way as a royal fashion plate in her own right, we’re anxious to see if she’ll channel her mother-in-law’s classic glamour at the opening.

SNP’s word of the day: Dude


Illustration by Lewis Mirrett

Word: Dude

Meaning: Slang term for cool guy or cowboy, although meanings have shifted and accumulated over the years.

Usage: “I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. That, or His Dudeness… Duder… or El Duderino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing.” ― The Dude, in The Big Lebowski
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