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Zac Posen brings the red carpet to your wallet with an affordable wedding collection for David’s Bridal


Zac Posen Davids Bridal

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We’ll be the first to admit it—watching Say Yes To The Dress is one of our favourite pastimes. Not just for the dramas the tag-along entourage sometimes generates, but more so for a glimpse into the pricey world of wedding dress shopping. $10,000 for a designer dress you’ll wear once? You bet. The term “budget wedding dress” for most conjures up images of god-awful gowns that no amount of justification from a stingy mother-in-law could save. Well those days are long gone. Budget-bridezillas-to-be: meet you new fairy godmother, Zac Posen.

The New York designer has come together with David’s Bridal and to create Truly Zac Posen, an affordable line of bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses ranging from $215 for cocktail sheath to $1,400 for tulle ball gown. Posen is a favourite of red carpet celebrities, known for his figure flattering mermaid gowns and cocktail frocks, and has done one-of-a-kind big-ticket bridal gowns for Portia De Rossi and Coco Rocha.
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How to photograph well: Makeup tips to ensure you look as spectacular in pictures as you do in-person


How to photograph well

Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow

As a wedding photographer and makeup artist, Dallas Curow knows a thing or two about looking good in front of the camera—which is why we asked her to share her best beauty tips on how to photograph well. Be it a wedding you’re attending or other big event, you’ll want to use these tricks the next time you know you’ll be in the spotlight!

Wedding season is almost in full swing and even if you’re not heading down the aisle yourself, chances are high that many a camera will be pointed your way. Meaning: If there was ever a day want to know how to photograph well, someone’s wedding day is it. Aside from picking a flattering outfit and practicing your smile, the best way to ensure you’ll photograph well is through your makeup. But this doesn’t mean you need to turn to a professional makeup artist to get the job done. With just a few tricks and changes to your everyday beauty routine, you can ensure you look as spectacular in pictures as you do in-person. Follow the steps below and get ready to smile for the camera! Read more »

Behind the scenes at Tanya Taylor’s wedding: From her haute couture wedding gown to the tropical paradise venue


Tanya Taylor wedding

Photography: Taylor by Jody Rogac; Runway by Peter Stigter

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As someone who didn’t grow up fantasizing about her big day, Tanya Taylor’s recent walk down the aisle had all the makings of a modern fairytale. The 27-year-old Toronto-born, New York-based designer—who recently showed her Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection in both cities, earning high praise from editors and buyers alike—spent a year and a half ensuring that her April 20 destination wedding would be as stylish and personal as the clothes she creates. The idyllic locale—the luxe Sandy Lane resort in Barbados—certainly didn’t hurt, nor did the romantic nature of the groom, business development manager Michel Pratte. He proposed to Taylor, after a 10-year on-and-off courtship, with a poem and a spectacular antique ring—an 1890s old-mine-cut diamond in a 1920s art deco setting—that had caught her eye months earlier at an estate jewellery boutique. So far, so dreamy.

Then there was her magical dress: an intricately embellished cloud of white organza by ready-to-wear designer and couturier Elie Saab, based on a showstopper from his Fall 2012 haute couture show in Paris. Read more »

How to dress for a wedding: 13 Style Panel Tips for being the best dressed guest this summer

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How to Dress for a Wedding Intro
As the weather gets warmer and the hemlines get shorter, the wedding invitations start rolling in. That’s right: Summer wedding season is upon us once again. And while we love an excuse to go shopping, how to dress for a wedding is a question us bona fide wedding attendees are still having difficulty answering.

How does one find the perfect balance between demure and daring? A wedding, after all, is a multi-generational affair that demands a timeless, and semi-conservative look. No pressure. For the bride-to-be, the wedding day is her day to shine. So how do you, the guest, make a statement without stealing her spotlight?

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Vow Factor: Olivia Stren goes shopping for a wedding dress and discovers her perfect match isn’t tied up with bows


Olivia Stren Wedding Dress

Photography by Mary McHenry

By Olivia Stren

I’m in wedding empress Ines Di Santo’s Toronto boutique, fondling a frothy, aisle-long expanse of Chantilly lace, Italian silk and doppia faccia (double face) Italian satin—a decadent marriage between peau de soie and taffeta. “It feels like orchid petals,” says Di Santo, caressing it. “To know a gown, you have to feel it,” she tells me in a seductive rasp. “How do you know the man you’re going to marry? You have to feeeeel him. The same goes for a dress.”

We sit on a gold-framed divan, the kind of perch that looks designed for fainting, nibbling on petits fours or getting fanned by manservants. There are no men here, though, and one gets the sense there never are. Di Santo’s couture dresses—also for sale at New York’s swish Bergdorf Goodman department store—are lavish, theatrical scene-stealers redolent of the designer’s childhood in Buenos Aires during the 1950s and ’60s. “I remember going to the theatre with my papa and a handsome actor pulled up in a Rolls-Royce, and I thought, ‘Everybody should always look like that—fancy,’” she says. Her first fashion show in Toronto was appropriately dramatic; she rented Casa Loma and had a tiger escort her models down the catwalk. “I see beauty everywhere,” she says. “My husband tells me, ‘All I see is a rock, and you see what it would look like drizzled with rose petals.’” She tells me what she saw when she first saw me: “I see a New York night wedding at a glamorous restaurant and you in a long Chantilly lace gown.” (I’m getting married during the day at City Hall in San Francisco in a knee-length cocktail dress.)

Di Santo is, she explains, in the business of making dreams come true. But I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding day. I’m sorry to add that it was by no means because I was focused on more virtuous or sensible pastimes; I just preferred to view marriage as an ending, rather than a beginning. So thoughts of the Big Day, freighted with the suffocating weight of Forever, were generally wed to a bridal party of neuroses; the festive theme of my outlook was summed up nicely once by actor Jeff Bridges, who said about his marriage: “I thought it was a giant step toward death.”
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Kate Middleton wears Erdem to a friend’s wedding over the weekend

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Kate Middleton Erdem

Photography by Indigo/Getty Images

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If you’ve been going through some Kate Middleton withdraw ever since the Diamond Jubilee tour of Southeast Asia ended, we feel you. Being privy to almost-hourly wardrobe updates was such a treat! While we’ve heard very little about what Kate Middleton has been wearing since returning to England, there was finally an update this weekend. (Unfortunately, though, no pictures.) Kate attended the wedding of a family friend on Saturday and wore something we’ve all seen before: the pearl-grey Erdem dress she debuted at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in June. She did update the look with a new hat—a custom design from Jane Corbett that included embroidered flowers which matched those on the Erdem dress. Read more »

Wedding day hair: We follow a bride-to-be on her hunt for a marriage-worthy style


Hair: Bride-to-be Carley Fortune on her hunt for a wedding day hairstyle

Long before she said yes to the dress (or the oyster bar), bride-to-be Carley Fortune had a much more important decision to make: what to do with her hair.

By Carley Fortune

Last December, my boyfriend of seven years proposed, and we began planning an October wedding. I’d never daydreamed about my wedding day, and I took a pretty laid-back approach to the preparations, except for one minor detail—the hair. You see, my hair is my thing.

I remember flipping to the class survey results when the yearbooks were handed out in Grade 12. Among the winners for Most Popular and Best Athlete, as voted by the graduating class, was my name: Carley Fortune, Best Hair. I loved fashion when I was a teenager, too, but I was overweight, and tending to my hair was one way I felt I could experiment with style and trends. So I hot-rollered and braided, and twisted and crimped.

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Beauty Fix: How to do your own wedding hair and makeup, the best nail polish for brides and a clever way to add “something blue” to your beauty routine on the big day!


While tales of six figure wedding costs can make any bride-to-be nervous, a little resourcefulness can go a long way to keep a budget under control. For instance: doing your own makeup on your wedding day! (And, as a way of getting in extra practice, for all the related events leading up to your big day!) Consider that even Kate Middleton DIY’d her bridal look—and who can argue that they’ll be more scrutinized than a Queen-to-be? After all, while we all dream of looking like a princess, there’s nothing better than looking like a super-pretty version of yourself. From bridal hair tips to wedding-ready looks that can go from day to night, this week’s Beauty Fix has all the answers.

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