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Lipstick horoscopes: Let the stars determine what shade you wear this weekend



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If you read your horoscope this morning, it probably mentioned the usual—career, love life, family. What it probably didn’t tell you, though, was what lip shade you should choose. Thankfully, that’s where we come in, ready with your lipstick horoscopes for the weekend.

We’ve found the shades that best suit each zodiac sign, so when you get ready to head out tonight, you can leave your makeup look in the hands of the stars.
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Now trending: 12 perfect pink perfumes that will have you smelling like everyone’s favourite spring hue


Marc Jacobs Pink Honey

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On Wednesdays we wear pink… you just can’t always see it. Warmer weather brings with it a sense of hazy nostalgia and longing for simpler, sweeter times, and that goes for scents as well. We’re putting down the bold, androgynous fragrances that we’ve been infatuated with, and are taking a look at some of the pretty perfumes that always manage to leave us feeling as carefree as ever.

With the exception of the satin jacket uniform that belonged to the Pink Ladies of Grease, pink (especially light pink) has never really been considered a cool-girl staple. However, thanks to the reemergence of the ’90s that’s infiltrated the fashion and beauty world for the past few seasons, baby pink is back in a new way and this time, it’s badder than ever. While the pretty shade once belonged to the likes of teenaged Britney and Christina, these days it’s being accepted by the cool kids, including the original bad gal herself, RiRi.

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Spice route: The history behind Yves Saint Laurent’s latest skincare development


yves saint laurent or rouge cream

Photography: Product by Carlo Mendoza; Saint Laurent by Guy Marineau

Yves Saint Laurent found beauty and inspiration in Morocco, and now its natural bounty has yielded a precious skin-preserving ingredient known as red gold: saffron.

A young Yves Saint Laurent, looking relaxed and casual in a white open-necked shirt and white flares, strolls through Marrakech’s Djemaa El Fna square, chatting to a Marrakchi woman with a basket atop her head. It’s one of many personal snapshots from the book Yves Saint Laurent: Une Passion Marocaine, handwritten in French by his partner in business and life, Pierre Bergé. Saint Laurent was fascinated by the goings on in the square, often walking there to watch the acrobats, snake charmers and gnawa dancers who still bring life, music and art to the city today. Read more »

Beauty Fix: At-home laser hair removal that really works, the best multitasking products and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

I feel like most serums I come across are meant for anti-aging purposes. Does anything exist for acne-prone skin?
Anti-aging skincare accounts for a significant proportion of the products available on the market, and we’re always told it’s never too early to start exploring the options available to us. However, when you’re preoccupied with acne concerns, it can seem like every advanced product out there is for anti-aging. Not so! Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum ($64, will become a mainstay in your skincare routine because in addition to refining pores, calming skin and reducing redness thanks to algae and caffeine, it will use salicylic acid to stop breakout cycles from reoccurring. The serum works in a gentle way on a daily basis, giving you more even and balanced skin with continued use. Read more »

Fall Beauty 2013: 94 photos of the top runway trends and must-have products of the season


fall makeup trends 2013

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Spring’s bright lips, clean skin and dainty hair accessories were fun, but the Fall 2013 beauty trends give us much to be excited about. From ombré lips to decadent glitter, designers are embracing individuality with fall makeup, giving artists free reigns to experiment with the extremes. Lipgloss was layered on eyelids instead of lips, jewels adorned ears as well as eyes and sleek wigs were cropped into edgy bobs. Click through to see the best hair and makeup trends from the Fall 2013 runways as well as all the products you need to achieve the look. Read more »

Beauty Fix: How to do the perfect red lip, is it worth the splurge on a $25 mascara and heal your chapped lips for once and for all!


Beauty Fix Lips and Lashes

When you ask most women which beauty product they couldn’t live without on desert island it usually comes down to either a great mascara or a favourite lip balm. The choices makes sense: a full, fluttery set of lashes brightens the eyes and draws attention away from under-eye circles or blemishes, and nothing’s worse than the thought of being trapped with chapped lips and not a single drop of lip balm in sight. Regardless of whether or not you’re facing exile to a desert island, you’ll certainly appreciate the tips in this week’s Beauty Fix.

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Nail Corner: Lots and lots of floral dots for a Marc Jacobs Resort-inspired manicure!


Sometimes a collection is full of items that seem to be just begging to be turned into a manicure. Case in point: Marc Jacobs Resort 2013. The endless colour blocking and pattern mixing makes quite the mood board for anyone with a super-saturated nail polish collection. From sequined stripes that could be mimicked with metallic polishes to micro-gingham prints that are full of DIY transfer potential, it was hard to choose just one look for this week’s Nail Corner. But in the end, bright, layered florals won out—and all you need to duplicate this design are a few dotting tools and your favourite punchy-coloured polishes.

Read on and see the Marc Jacobs floral dot mani! »
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Runway to Real Life: Try a softer version of YSL’s sultry spring look in just 4 easy steps!


Left: Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 photography by Peter Stigter. Right: Photography and makeup by Dallas Curow. Model: Robin/Folio Montreal.

“Young, eccentric and rich” were the words makeup artist Pat McGrath used to describe the beauty look she dreamed up for Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring 2012 show. McGrath painted models’ eyelids metallic brown, their lips metallic red and bleached away their brows. The look was confident and glamorous, if not a little bit severe.

I created a softer version of this dramatic look for real life with a few small tweaks and just four products. By opting for a wash of colour on the eyes instead of opaque brown, and by highlighting your brows with tinted gel instead of bleaching them off, you’ll be super glam without looking harsh. Finish with a pop of crimson red lipstick and you’ve got an elegant look for any occasion that requires an extra jolt of confidence!

Try this look in 4 steps! Read on »

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