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Affordable couture? Fall 2014 runway-inspired outfits that won’t break the bank


fall 2014 couture for everyday

See Fall 2014 Couture-inspired outfits for everyday wear »

Fall 2014 Couture week has officially wrapped in Paris, and we’ve been daydreaming of the Pinterest-worthy dresses ever since. Although there are times when the designs are truly too outrageous for everyday wear and at a price point that is way above an average person’s budget (mainly the latter), we can’t deny our love and lust for these runway masterpieces. Thanks to celebrities and some very lucky street style stars, we can get a glimpse of couture in all its high-fashion glory. But before you raise your white flag and think couture is only for the elites, we’d like to let you know that you too can get on the action. How? As we round up our 10 favourite dresses from Fall 2014 Couture week, we scour our fave e-commerce sites and tracked down 10 couture-inspired designs for everyday wear. You’re welcome. Read more »

Fashionable bridesmaid dresses your friends won’t hate you for



Fashionable bridesmaid dresses coming right up! »

Weddings are S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. Between the vows, venue, flowers, food, guest list and gown, wedding plans have a way of taking over your life. And maybe that’s to be expected…a little. After all, it’s your wedding. You want it to be great! And that’s why you’ve asked some of your closest friends (and that one cousin your mom insisted you include) to be a special part of the big day. But how stressful do you want your wedding plans to be for them?

They’re already planning the shower and the bachelorette party and have marked off a big summer weekend to celebrate your love. Are you really going to make them do it in something that looks like leftover curtain fabric? We’ve assembled a handy list of beautiful, flattering, fashionable bridesmaid dresses that won’t make anyone rethink that fateful day their friend requested them after a second-year keg party. And these dresses will look gorgeous grouped together next to you and your life-partner-to-be! To keep things extra-friendly, we’ve included cheaper versions of dresses over $150. Celebrating your union shouldn’t leave anyone bankrupt, and it doesn’t have to!
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Wardrobe upgrades: 10 must-haves to take your closet of classics to the next level


Wardrobe Upgrades

See our list of wardrobe upgrades »

By a certain age, it’s safe to assume that any fashion-minded woman would own at least a few wardrobe staples. The little black dress that takes you from day to night? Check. The quintessential It bag you’ve dreamed about since childhood? Check (if you’re lucky). But now that you’ve got ‘em, what’s next? With summer in full swing (and sales going on everywhere), there’s no better time to upgrade. From fun statement heels to chic varsity jackets to this season’s much-coveted ’90s slip dress, we draw up a list of 10 new classics every woman should have in their wardrobe. Still hankering for a breakdown of practical buys? We’ve got a solid list that will last a lifetime, too. Read more »

Understanding summer 2014 fashion trends: Where they came from and how to wear them

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Crop top

Meet 5 of summer 2014′s fashion trends »

For better or worse, fashion is a revolving door of must-have items. Each season, a subtle shift in silhouette represents a shift in covetable items—the mini skirt made way for the midi skirt last fall, bringing with it the advent of the flat slip-on, the cropped jacket and so on and so forth.

This season, a few items emerge as must-haves to match summer 2014 fashion trends. Some are retakes on last year’s bets and some are wholly new. Here, we break down what they are, where they came from and how to wear ‘em. For good measure, we threw in some shopping suggestions too.
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Afternoon Delight: Is this the coolest cape dress ever?


Zara Cape Dress

Sometimes, all it takes is one dress to make a statement. This amazingly high-end looking number from Zara is ideal for summertime parties, day or night, cocktail or otherwise. Bonus: this is pretty much Kate Middleton’s go-to dress colour so you’ll look pretty regal.

Zara cape dress ($100,

Afternoon Delight: Two spring trends in one perfect T-shirt dress


Zara Striped Floral Dress

Stripes and florals have got to be the two most reoccurring spring trends year after year. Well, what better way to freshen up the two then by combining them in one perfect T-shirt dress? This one from Zara is not only easy on the wallet, but acts as the perfect transition from office to playtime with a mere footwear swap.

Zara printed T-shirt dress ($40,

Summer sandals under $100: 50 styles as easy on the eyes as they are your wallet


Summer Sandals Under 100

50 summer sandals under $100 await »

It’s almost “toes out” season and we can barely hold our not-even-slightly pedicured digits back. After months of polar vortex brutality, toes want out from their cage, and can you blame ‘em? To help segue them back into society, we’ve gone scouring for the best summer sandals under $100. Easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet! From on-trend athletic sliders to killer stilettos, we’ve got 50 styles so good, you’ll even be wearing them during next week’s rainstorm.
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Afternoon Delight: The clutch that speaks for you!


Zara Start Clutch

This bright, popping clutch pretty much summarizes everything I want to tell spring: Start already, dammit! If carrying this around with will give me any sort of influence on the weather, I’m all for it.

Zara box clutch ($60,

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