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How to transition your wardrobe: 20 clever tips from street style stars


How to transition your wardrobe

Photography by Peter Stigter

How to transition your wardrobe in 20 steps »

It’s a much-lamented fact that our most recent winter has long over stayed its welcome. But with the sun finally coming out and the snow gone for good (we hope!) it’s finally starting to feel a little bit like spring which means we can finally ditch our poor salt stained boots in favour of some cute flats. But spring dressing can be tricky—you don’t want to sweat through your parka but you also don’t want to risk getting caught in a freak wind tunnel with only a flimsy sweater to protect yourself. Welcome to the art of transition dressing.
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Afternoon delight: Your best bet for getting Cara Delevingne brows, stat


afternoon delight

Let’s face it: No one survived the ’90s without doing serious damage to their eyebrows. If your brows bounced back and are now just as bushy as they were in your teenage years, great! But if sparse patches reign supreme or things just aren’t as Cara Delevingne-looking as you’d like them to be, it’s time to slather on a magic potion. A daily dab of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow enhancing serum will kick-start some growth and you’ll have a statement brow in no time. (Just avoid between your eyes, because the statement uni-brow is not yet back in style…)

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow enhancing serum ($38,

What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis?


Jacquelyn Francis

Photography by Colin Gaudet

What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis? »

In the magazine world, they say it takes a village to send any given issue to print. Here at FASHION, it takes Jacquelyn Francis. Our too-cool executive editor holds the reins on production, making sure that everyone’s dotted their Is and crossed their Ts with fashionable flavour to boot. In this edition of “What’s in your bag?”, she gives us a bit of insight into what keeps her in tip top mental shape on a day to day basis. First clue: Prada.
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Afternoon Delight: H&M’s dreamy off-the-shoulder lace top


HM Conscious Exclusive

Hello, Rococo! I am living for this look from H&M’s just-released Conscious Exclusive collection. If Dolce & Gabbana married off their imaginary Spanish daughter, I Imagine she’d be wearing something like this.

H&M Conscious Exclusive off-the-shoulder lace top ($70, available at select H&M locations)

Spring 2014 editors’ picks: 8 real-life buys inspired by our favourite runway looks


Spring 2014 Editors Picks

Forget sports: We’re all about a fashion fantasy draft. FASHION’s editors share their favourite runway looks and the real ways to wear them come springtime.

See the Spring 2014 editors’ picks »
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How could you choose? 13 Style Panel members reflect on their favourite outfits ever


Style Panel Favourite Outfit

Can you believe it!? The 100th challenge. For nearly two years, our trusty Style Panel has been conquering style challenges from coast to coast.

In honour of the 100th challenge we wanted to look back at the best-of by asking the Style Panel bloggers to chose a favouriite-ever look. This turned out to be the hardest challenge of all, since narrowing it down to a single look is no easy task. (Asking a fashion blogger to choose a favourite piece of clothing is like giving someone a litter of puppies and then telling them they can only choose one—nearly impossible, and sort of mean.)

The Panel, a handpicked group of Canada’s best-dressed fashion bloggers, has been answering your fashion queries using their unique fashion know-how. They’ve helped figure out Canadian tuxedos, taught us how to conquer normcore and fearlessly navigated through pastels. The Panel has been there like fashion seraphs leading through the sometimes-confusing trend terrain.

Question 100: If you had to choose, what would your favourite look be from recent years? Read the answers now! »

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JAG Models: The agency putting the “straight size” vs. “plus size” debate to rest


JAG Models Agency

Over the past year, a select few plus-size models—think: Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, and Ashley Graham—have been making breaks for the spotlight in mainstream fashion. From Vogue Italy to Ralph Lauren, these women have nabbed some of the biggest typically straight size (definition: 0-4) jobs in the biz. Though their work is a step forward for all women, plus-size models haven’t been accepted into high fashion as a whole.

The limited exposure of plus-size women in the market often makes it seem like there are only a handful of plus-size models working in the industry. On the contrary, there are a number of plus-size agencies with an even bigger number of curvy models working in New York’s modeling mecca.

To shed some light on these women, we’re setting out to profile the top up-and-coming plus-size models to watch within profiles of agencies that recognize their beauty. Today, we take a look at New York agency JAG Models’ top five girls on the rise.
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