Black Friday 2012: Our constantly updated guide to the in-store and online sales you need to know about


Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopping

Canadian Thanksgiving falls in early October and is more about the pies and the turkeys than anything else. For Americans, Thanksgiving also translates to over-eating and pie, but also comes with a side of super sales— both online and in-store.

Black Friday 2012, which falls on November 23 this year, is a day that has become known for extreme markdowns, with department stores including Target, Macy’s and Best Buy starting as early as midnight or 4am. For those afraid of being stampeded for a dress, Cyber Monday is more your speed—it’s when the sales from Black Friday hit the Internet, creating some major deals.

Though the Black Friday craze has mainly been targeted to shoppers in the United States, Canadian retailers seem eager to take part. As for Cyber Monday, many retailers ship to Canada and even Canadian online sites will be participating too.

And because we have never been known to turn down a sale, we will help you out with a constantly updated guide of places to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Canada. It’s the perfect time to start holiday shopping, so let the madness commence.

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