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Our panel of cross-country experts share their unique style know-how each week in answer to your toughest how-to-wear questions. Have a styling question or interested in becoming part of Style Panel? Email us.

Neguine Boustantchi

Neguine Boustantchi, 23

Toronto | Neguine Boustantchi

Neguine’s STYLE PANEL postsNeguine is a Zara-obsessed, avid storyteller and marketing student from Toronto. Her blog is her personal way to express all

the things we don’t get to say in real life combined with her love for fashion and photography. She fiercely believes that every type of uniqueness is beautiful and that fashion should be a superpower that makes us feel confident with who we are. Born in Paris and raised in Barcelona, she just moved to Toronto to pursue her fashion career.
Hafsa Pathan

Hafsa Pathan, 28

Toronto | Hafsa Pathan

Hafsa’s STYLE PANEL postsHafsa is a PR Account Executive at 88 Creative, a digital agency in Toronto. She enjoys planning parties, going out for brunch in the city and

spending time with her toddler. She believes that being stylish is more than just owning the hottest in-trend pieces – in fact, she can usually be found wearing clothes that are definitely last season.
Katie Rose Decoeli

Katie Rose Decoeli, 29

Halifax | Wild Rosebuds

Katie’s STYLE PANEL postsA small town mom with a fashion past, Katie-Rose has a passion for writing the truth about being a mom while trying to stay current.

She prides herself in tying in the trends of the moment with a busy mom lifestyle.
Alyssa Beltempo

Alyssa Beltempo, 30

Ottawa | Ms. Beltempo

Alyssa’s STYLE PANEL postsAlyssa is a freelance fashion stylist living in Ottawa. Five years ago, she left her job in international finance to manage a boutique and start a

blog to join the growing online fashion crowd. When she’s not pounding the pavement for a photoshoot or TV segment, she writes for her blog – covering style tips, outfits, and some quirky musings on fashion.
Adrienne Naval

Adrienne Naval, 21

Toronto | Adrienne Naval

Adrienne’s STYLE PANEL postsAdrienne is a university student studying math and art history but has a passion for photography and fashion. In her spare time, she

uses her blog to experiment with her style and to improve on different creative skills (like photography and graphic design). She also loves to explore Toronto and through social media platforms to find inspiration.

Carleton Eckhardt, 30

Toronto | Carleton Eckhardt

Carleton’s STYLE PANEL postsCarleton is a Toronto-based blogger with a passion for outfits, travel and lifestyle. Whether she is at home, exploring the city or travelling

to different parts of the world, her aim is to capture and share each beautiful and unique moment. She does so through her blog and Instagram account which showcase both her personal style and love of photography.

Meagan Faye, 26

Vancouver | Living Boldly

Meagan’s STYLE PANEL postsSince creating LIVING BOLDLY in 2014, it has evolved into a personal showcase and creative outlet used to inspire others to live a life full of

fashion, lifestyle and travel. These are the three areas of life that Meagan is most passionate about. Her love of fashion started at the age of 6 when she started cutting out images from fashion magazines and gluing them onto lined school paper. She wanted to have her own magazine, so she did in the best way she knew how – by creating a blog!

Laura Mitbrodt, 31

Victoria | Laura Jane Atelier

Laura’s STYLE PANEL postsLaura is a fashion blogger and columnist based out of Victoria, Canada. Laura Jane Atelier is an expression of my love for fashion,

trends, art and culture. It is a way for me to share my creative passions and style inspirations.

Rachel David, 25

Toronto | Rachel David

Rachel’s STYLE PANEL posts Rachel David brings you practical simple tips that you can do in your everyday life to help maximize your happiness.


Shauna Dean, 27

Windsor | Quentin & Co

Shauna’s STYLE PANEL postsShauna Dean is the creator and editor of the style blog Quentin & Co,named after her handsome Airedale Terrier dog. She loves sharing fashion, beauty,

and lifestyle content that is modern and feminine. She aims to inspire readers to discover their style manifesto for an authentic and fashionable everyday life.

Ana Vicioso, 28

Edmonton | Ana Vicioso

Ana’s STYLE PANEL posts Ana Vicioso is a style blogger born from the Philippines and raised in Edmonton. She speaks four languages including hashtags. #sorrynotsorry.

With a curious and adventurous spirit, Ana started a style and lifestyle blog in hopes to inspire others. She likes to think she’s a minimalist but her style actually changes often with her mood. She can be twirling around in a floral dress one day and rocking black cut offs with a muscle tee the next day.

Sheena Virmani, 23

Calgary | Sheena Virmani

Sheena’s STYLE PANEL posts Sheena is a fashion enthusiast who started her blog as a creative outlet. She loves sharing her fashion inspirations, showcasing her personal style,

ideas for entertaining as well as general lifestyle posts. Sheena believes that fashion is not about blindly following trends and she takes pride in creating trendy looks mixed in with her own signature style. She sees fashion as the greatest form of self- expression and uses her blog as a way to connect with and inspire like-minded fashion lovers!


Calgary | Jam and Tea

Jameela’s STYLE PANEL posts Jameela shows young mothers how to stay sane and stylish. By blending bold and colourful prints into her wardrobe she makes sure the day is never

dull. Jameela is from Calgary and her style is a blend of her African heritage and North American surroundings. Join in her style adventure!


Toronto | Sidewalk Style

Jillian’s STYLE PANEL posts Jillian Bennett is the creator of the fashion blog Sidewalk Style. She is currently attending George Brown College located downtown Toronto.

Jillian loves anything fashion related and gets inspiration everyday, whether it’s from follow fashion bloggers or daily fashion on the streets.


Calgary | Toques and Truffles

Katie’s STYLE PANEL posts While enjoying a career in Human Resources, Katie’s free time is spent unraveling Calgary through food, photography, freelance writing, and volunteering.

Katie is deeply involved in Calgary’s art and fashion communities as the volunteer Director of Public Relations for PARK – a Calgary-based not-for-profit organization that creates opportunities for emerging artists and designers, among others.


Montreal | Some Velvet Morning

Crissy’s STYLE PANEL posts Crissy is the Montreal-based blogger behind Some Velvet Morning, a style blog aimed at sharing her personal style. She believes you don’t have to spend

a ton of money to find items to stay stylish! Some Velvet Morning is a style guide with the latest trends for the girl who wants to feel good about herself with what she is wearing!


Vancouver | to vogue or bust

Alexandra’s STYLE PANEL posts Alexandra is the Vancouver-based blogger behind To Vogue or Bust, a style blog aimed at making fashion both accessible and inspiring.

Her style has been featured in Grazia UK, New York Magazine’s The Cut, The Everygirl, Glitter Guide and right here at FASHION Magazine, where she was once an online editorial intern! Alexandra blogs by night and works by day as the communications manager for the Vancouver-based fashion line Obakki, a job which fuels her love for fashion (and fills her closet with beautiful new pieces!).



Alexandra’s STYLE PANEL posts Alexandra is the Toronto-based stylist and writer behind the blog I’m A Little. She’s been featured in The Globe & Mail, and the Broken

Heel Diaries, among other publications but
mostly fancies praise and acceptance from her toy poodle, Choco.



Alicia’s STYLE PANEL posts Though Fashionista isn’t actually her last name, it very well could be. Vancouver-based blogger Alicia Quan spent many years as a stylist in the

apparel industry, and being immersed in fashion from nine to five sparked her interest in blogging. With personal style that has best been described as West Coast chic, Alicia proudly rocks a very genuine and relatable approach to her outfits. She’s a self-proclaimed coffee addict, the founder of Capital Q Creative, and a flourishing social media butterfly who firmly believes confidence is the best accessory.



Alyssa’s STYLE PANEL posts Alyssa is a university student who co-owns The Ordinary Peoples blog along with her cousin Kurtis. Her passions lay in fashion, photography,

arts and web design, although she spends most of her spare time on a computer lurking on the web for inspiration, watching adorable animal videos for hours and browsing online stores. She thoroughly enjoys inspirational sports movies, sour cream and onion chips, video games, Community, hot summer days, stupidly dramatic reality TV and simple DIY projects. She dislikes winter and all things cold. Except for popsicles, ice cream and pools.

Amber Desilets, 33

London, ON | Canadian Fashionista

Amber’s STYLE PANEL posts The creative brains behind popular fashion and beauty website Canadian Fashionista; Amber is a professional shopaholic from London,

Ontario dedicated to showing women how to look fashionable and feel great on a budget. When she’s not running her own successful handbag business or planning Charity events for the foundation she helped create, Amber can be found stalking her local malls and boutiques in search of the perfect pieces to add to her ever growing wardrobe.



Amy’s STYLE PANEL posts Amy dreams of producing joy through poetry, music-making and fashion. She believes the easiest way to stray from the commonplace

yawns and to make yourself memorable is to decorate your body in unique clothes. She’s never wanted to belong to the ordinary, and playing dress up is a fun way to express her individuality, as she does on her blog. Amy loves flower patterns, socks and pastels. She spends most of her days eating bagels and lox, napping, online shopping, playing her banjo and writing poetry.

Anum Rubec, 26

Toronto | SummerxSkin

Anum’s STYLE PANEL posts Anum writes SummerxSkin to share personal style, beauty tips and happenings in the city with hopes of inspiring others to think

more creatively about their everyday wear, look and routine.



Barbara Ann’s STYLE PANEL posts Barbara Ann Solomon began her fashion and design career selling shoes, and it only took one shoe-selling day for her to realize that her

passions lied in creating. Whether it be editorial designs in print and online or unexpected, inspired looks on people, she hasn’t stopped creating since. Barbara currently works as a graphic designer and co-ordinator for The Hudson’s Bay Company by day, the art director of Canadian fashion magazine Plaid, and has a personal style blog in between.

Becky Kung, 32

Calgary | Velvet & Vino

Becky’s STYLE PANEL posts Becky is the founder and author of an internationally followed blog, Velvet & Vino. Velvet & Vino is a place where Becky chronicles

her creative side, celebrating with others her adoration for fashion and uncovering her personal style by playing with shapes and colors.
From styling for fashion editorials to her own personal style, Becky has appeared in Fashion Magazines and local newspapers featuring her unique fashion flavor. Becky can often be spotted pairing mixed prints, polka dots, neons and red lipstick.



Christina’s STYLE PANEL posts Being born in Singapore, having European blood, and the opportunity to live on three continents and in four countries, this Toronto based style

blogger is fortunate enough to have seen fashion from all aspects. With a mother/role model in the fashion accessories business in the late 1980s and early 1990s, fashion has been in Christina’s blood from a very young age. As the VP of the family company, Christina, who writes The Style Mogul, is a home stager by day and stylist by night. Dreams do come true for this world traveler, as she is the first ever Canadian to be featured on the iPhone App, FashionFeed, a fashion segment host for Breakfast Television Toronto, and has collaborated with fashion/beauty companies and brands from around the world, such as Ann Taylor, Aldo, Maybelliene, and so many more! Keeping her style trendy, Christina makes sure she incorporates every part of the world she feels a connection with, especially Europe. She is a lover of neon, shoes, anything that sparkles and drinks with umbrellas.


Vancouver | COCO AND VERA

Cee’s STYLE PANEL posts Cee is the Vancouver-based blogger behind Coco and Vera. After five years of working in insurance, she left the business world behind and embarked

on a grand adventure – a year in Paris, pursuing her passion for fashion. Cee’s style is equally influenced by classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn and the punk stars she listened to growing up. She can most often be found sitting outside at a cafe, drinking tea and scribbling in a notebook.



Danielle’s STYLE PANEL posts Putting her graphic design background to good use, Danielle is one half of Kastor & Pollux, an online webshop specializing in handmade

accessories. When she isn’t running around with jewellery pliers in hand, she runs a personal style blog to accompany Kastor & Pollux, and works as an editorial assistant at MTV FORA. Over the years, Danielle has been recognized by Refinery 29, MTV Style, and WhoWhatWear.


TORONTO | Falling in Style

Iva’s STYLE PANEL posts Iva is a mother by day to one daughter and three sons. By night, she blogs to inspire other women that fashion doesn’t end after marriage and

children. Iva enjoys classic pieces with strong cut and fit and knows that not every trend is a fit for everyone. Fashion doesn’t end at age 35.


Vancouver | Jacfruits

Jacquelyn’s STYLE PANEL posts Jacquelyn is a marketing graduate, certified personal trainer, health coach and lifestyle blogger. She seeks to empower women to develop a healthy mindset and love themselves

enough to take care of their bodies. She supports sustainable fashion and enjoys minimal everyday looks. No matter what anyone says, comfort should never be sacrificed.

Mikki Fox, 30

Calgary | Centre Street Style

Mikki’s STYLE PANEL posts Calgary-based Mikki Fox started her blog, Centre Street Style, to share her passion for stylish living while bringing beauty and wit to the everyday.

With a BA in Fashion Design and a background in textiles, Mikki’s approach to fashion is rooted in the basics of fit, fabric, and construction, with expert styling tips that are at once educational and inspirational.

Kira Paran, 31

Edmonton | Northern Style

Kira’s STYLE PANEL posts Clothing horse, shopaholic and fashionista would be a few ways to describe Kira, the writer behind the blog Northern Style Exposure.

Her Edmonton based personal style blog focuses on some of her weekly looks, current fashion cravings and a peek into her daily life. She’s a wifey conquering The Great White North one outfit at a time.

Marla Brum, 28

Toronto | Trend Struck

Marla’s STYLE PANEL posts From growing up in a small town to making the move to Toronto, Marla was exposed to a world of fashion that was absent from her life for so.

long. Quickly latching on, her unique style became recognized by others who pushed the idea of her starting a style blog. Since Marla has a particular crush on fashion trends her blog, Trend Struck, aims to inspire readers on how to wear these trends in everyday settings by simply combining pieces that already sit in your closet!

Leonie Markhorst, 27

Vancouver, BC | NOA//NOIR

Leonie’s STYLE PANEL posts Leonie is a Dutch fashion blogger currently living in Vancouver. Through her blog, NOA//NOIR, she aims to bring some of that so-called

European flair to North America. Her style has been described as “Scandinavian chic meets French je ne sais quoi”, with mostly muted, edgy and minimalist looks.

Eleni McMullin, 27

Calgary | Convey The Moment

Eleni’s STYLE PANEL posts Eleni is a fashion obsessed, stay-at-home nurse. She is the writer behind the Life and Style blog Convey The Moment, where

she inspires others to live fashionably. If she isn’t spending time with her hubby and two yorkies you can find her practicing yoga or travelling somewhere exotic. Her ultimate passion is encouraging others to find expressions of themselves through their own sense of style while becoming better humans at the same time. Being vegan has never looked so good.

Emma Walker, 17

Denver, CO | With A City Dream

Emma’s STYLE PANEL posts Emma Walker is a 17 years old fashion lover from Denver Colorado. She have a dream of living in New York City and pursuing her goal

of working in the fashion industry. Follow her journey through her outfits, beauty ideas and life posts and her chance to make it big.
Sarmistha Goswami

Sarmistha Goswami, 35

Ahmedabad, India | Style Over Coffee

Sarmistha’s STYLE PANEL posts After working for more than 11 years in the apparel industry as a fashion designer, Sarmistha Goswami decided to start her fashion and lifestyle blog, Style Over Coffee.

She soon realized that fashion blogging is in fact her true calling, so in May 2016, Goswami quit her day job as a design manager to give wings to her passion. Along with her husband Pankaj, co-founder of Style Over Coffee, Sarmistha now blogs full-time, sharing her personal style, fashion trends, beauty tips and travel chronicles. Sarmistha defines her style as casual, classy with an element of fun. She effortlessly combines her Indian origin with a global style sensibility to create looks that carries an international flair.
Krystin Tysire

Krystin Tysire, 22

Vancouver | Girl in Betsey

Krystin’s STYLE PANEL posts The Girl In Betsey blog specializes in enabling people in British Columbia to share their passion for fashion. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the blog offers

inspirational looks for every occasion, from glam to sporty to work appropriate.
Mikayla Kuehn

Mikayla Kuehn, 20

Toronto |

Mikayla’s STYLE PANEL posts Mikayla is a pink-loving, skirt-obsessed fashion enthusiast from Toronto. She is a full-time Fashion Marketing student, a part-time blogger at MAK Style

and small business owner at Sugar Coated Accessories. Mikayla loves to show off her super feminine, yet chic style with her followers.
Liat Neuman

Liat Neuman, 39

Toronto |

Liat’s STYLE PANEL posts Liat is a fashion writer and an image consultant with 2 lovely and energetic boys. Liat has a BA in education, but five years ago she

decided to follow her dream and established a fashion blog called Yomanchic, where she shares her love for fashion and lifestyle.

The main purpose of the blog is to show that every woman in any age can look her best, depending on her style, lifestyle and body type.

Felice Granados

Felice Granados, 21

Vancouver | Felice Granados

Felice’s STYLE PANEL posts Felice Granados is a 21-year-old, Vancouver-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is currently in her third year of Kinesiology Studies at UBC.

Launching her blog in 2014, she was encouraged by many to pursue other fashion platforms such as YouTube. During her free time, she spends her time at Gastown and immerses herself in Vancouver’s rustic & urban vibe. She continues to share lifestyle vlogs of her travels, capturing her classy, and sophisticated style through her camera lens.
Conni Jespersen

Conni Jespersen, 35

Toronto | Art in the Find

Conni’s STYLE PANEL posts Conni Jespersen is a California-gal living in Toronto as a prop and freelance wardrobe stylist. She writes the blog, Art in the Find where she is mastering the art of blending

colorful California style with the minimalist style in Toronto. On her blog, Conni divvys out easy style tips and shows you how to wear what’s in your closet different ways with her ‘3 Ways to Wear Series’. You can also find her on Instagram with her intentional daily style tip series called Todays Style Tip!
Rhiannon Berthelot

Rhiannon Berthelot, 27

Calgary, Alberta | File it Under Style

Rhiannon’s STYLE PANEL posts Inspired by street style and addicted to vintage, Rhiannon lives her life one outfit at a time. Hailing from a mining hamlet in northern Ontario she has always dreamed of

big city style. Now, she calls the Wild West home pulling inspiration from classics and experimenting with trends.
Amanda Reid

Amanda Reid, 27

Windsor | Rose City Style Guide

Amanda’s STYLE PANEL postsAmanda Reid is the voice and the style savvy expert behind the Canadian Life & Style Blog, Rose City Style Guide. A Media Strategist by day, Amanda has

always been inspired by fashion beauty and home decor. When not blogging Amanda can be found spending time with her husband, shopping for a steal or grabbing a cup of coffee with friends.

Amanda Montgomery, 29


Amanda’s STYLE PANEL postsCompletely immersed in the world of fashion, Amanda’s greatest joy is to share her musings and observations on the art of fashion and style. From plus size

style to the runways of the world, everyone will find a voice to identify with.
Claire Liu

Claire Liu, 27

Vancouver | Von Vogue

Claire’s STYLE PANEL posts Claire Liu is a writer, photographer and stylist based in Vancouver, chronicling her daily style and travel adventure and providing fashion-related

content on her blog, Von Vogue. Taking her blog as a creative outlet, Claire showcases not only her personal style, but also her personal works as a photographer and stylist, to express her sense of fashion and art.

Nengi Willie-Pepple, 23

London, England | Runway Ribbons

Nengi’s STYLE PANEL posts Nengi Willie-Pepple is a Textile Design graduate who created her fashion and lifestyle blog Runway Ribbons in July 2012. Ever since Nengi was a

little girl, she has always had a flare for art and design which as a young adult has now evolved, with her deep love for fashion, photography and fabrics. She also has a penchant for good food and travelling, as the idea of seeing new places, meeting new people and immersing herself into different cultures enthralls her.

Lee Vosburgh, 28

Guelph | Style Bee

Lee’s STYLE PANEL posts Lee (the Bee) is a Guelph-based designer and style enthusiast writing the blog Style Bee. Lee is always on the lookout for unique, timeless and

high quality finds for both the home and closet. She is currently sharing her mission to curate a lean and purposeful wardrobe, while exploring the definition of personal style.


Toronto | What T Loves

Teresa’s STYLE PANEL posts Teresa is a Toronto-based fashion blogger, who has always been an enthusiast about art, photography, fashion and lifestyle,

and a firm believer in leading a creative and expressive life. She is a graduate of OCAD University where she studied and practiced numerous artistic ways to be expressive, but she believes fashion is the most simple and personal form of art that we do everyday to express who you are.


Brooklyn | The Style Addition

Freidy’s STYLE PANEL posts Freidy is a graphic designer who showcases modest, budget friendly fashion plus creative DIYs on her blog, The Style Addition.

She is one of a triplet and and her love for “dress up” evolved at an early age. She has an obsession with color, peplums, and prints. When she can’t find a classic or on trend piece she loves creating them. Her mission is to show how anyone on a budget can inject modest style into their every day wardrobe.



Kassandra’s STYLE PANEL posts Kassandra Camponi has worked in the fashion retail world as a buyer, manager and blogger. She tries not to take fashion too seriously,

and usually has a smile on her face, which you can see over at her personal style blog, Kastles,through her frequent updates.



Kayla’s STYLE PANEL posts Kayla Short is a fashion writer, stylist, and model based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beyond her interest in the fashion industry, Kayla is an avid

food and nutrition enthusiast, dancer, and blogger/founder of Most recently, Kayla helped found and organize the annual “East Coast Fashion Bloggers Unleashed” event which allowed her to mix her skills and experience in food, fashion, and social networking.



Krystin’s STYLE PANEL posts Krystin is a 20-something PR professional by day and fashion blogger by night. A city girl at heart, she hesitantly moved to the burbs unsure of

what was ahead. Krystin started the blog, Suburban Faux-Pas, to prove that regardless of one’s postal code, style can prevail. The blog captures her daily outfit posts and general musings while channeling an eclectic mix of preppy and feminine, vintage and new, high and low.


Edmonton, AB | Over my styled body

Lyndsey’s STYLE PANEL posts Lyndsey is a certified shopaholic, food network junkie, and the creative brains behind her personal style blog; Over My Styled Body.

Based out of Edmonton, Lyndsey is giving fashionistas a daily dose of her style and every now and then some craft worthy diy’s for good measure.



Marta’s STYLE PANEL posts Marta is an everyday girl who is always on the search for fabulous. As the creator and editor of, she loves to share her

passion for life and fashion. Marta also appears on a Celebrity Style Story on E! Channel.



Melanie’s STYLE PANEL posts Melanie is a city girl at heart and spent two years in small town Alberta but has recently located to Calgary. With the big move she hopes

to become immersed in Calgary’s fashion culture and continue to showcase that style can exist anywhere and at a great price point. She hopes to extend her knowledge in fashion and styling and create a career as a personal stylist. Over the past two years of blogging she has become a Joe Fresh Ambassador and has gained the attention of brands such as Gap, Old Navy and American Eagle. Here’s to a new adventure!


Vancouver | MISS MELISSA

Melissa’s STYLE PANEL posts Vancouver based blogger, Melissa Knight, is a restaurant manager by day and style blogger by night. She believes laughter can heal just about

everything and chocolate can take care of the rest.



Mo’s STYLE PANEL posts Mo is the curves behind Lion Hunter, a blog that serves up a visual feast of vibrant colours and the most unique prints found in her closet.

Her closet’s staples are unique blazers, vintage earrings and eye-catching prints. Mo’s love for all things dripping in colour and prints can also be found in her line of clutches, Clutch Culture. Mo’s style has captured the attention of FASHION Magazine, Huffington Post Canada and The Coast, to name a few. It’s a curvy revolution!



Nicole’s STYLE PANEL posts Nicole Wilson is the Dainty Girl in the city. Her penchant for femininity radiates even when she’s on an edgy kick. This fusion of the latest

trends with her signature style, approachable personality and unwavering enthusiasm makes her a unique force on the Toronto scene. As the Creator & Editor of Dainty Girl, Nicole collaborates with major brands as well as local designers and boutiques to support the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires her. Nicole contributes to AOL’s, eBay Style Stories and MasterCard Stylicity and she’s been spotted in the pages of FASHION, LOULOU, WeddingBells as well as various features online.



Sandy Jo’s STYLE PANEL posts Sandy Joe Karpetz is a former British Vogue and Lula magazine intern. She created The Pretty Secrets one dreary day while living in England.

Since graduating with a degree in Fashion Communications from Ryerson University she has written and styled for various publications and maintained an online vintage store by the same name.



Stephanie’s STYLE PANEL posts Stephanie Koch is a B.C. girl through and through, with a love for sushi, over-priced coffee, and outdoor recreation. When she’s not putting

her sport psychology background to use in athletic event management, she ditches her Lululemons for the love of fashion on her style blog, Inherited Jeans. Stephanie’s personal style philosophy is that you don’t need a big budget to achieve big chic; mixing high and low, new and old to document her personal take on trends and wardrobe solutions.



Alexandra’s STYLE PANEL posts Vickie is a fashion writer and the blogger behind Adventures in Fashion, a personal style site peppered with vintage, DIY and beauty-related

goodness. Vickie’s eclectic style has attracted attention from FASHION, Teen Vogue, MTV Style and more, while her writing can be seen in newspapers across the country. She is a lover of tea, red lipstick, Golden Girls and all things fashion.



Whitney’s STYLE PANEL posts Whitney is a Vancouver born, Los Angeles based fashion and lifestyle blogger. After graduating from the University of Calgary

she moved to LA to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Whitney worked with a contemporary fashion designer, interned at a national lifestyle magazine, and did in house public relations and online visual merchandising for a footwear brand before beginning her blog, See Shop Eat Do as a way to combine her love of writing and fashion. Whitney feels so lucky that her blog has given her the opportunity to collaborate with some of her favourite fashion brands, and now her favourite Canadian magazine!



Zoe’s STYLE PANEL posts Zoe is a vintage hunter and thrifting expert. She believes that great style comes from 3 things: having a point of view, understanding

your body type and wearing clothes that fit. Zoe is a small-town Canadian girl who now lives and works in New York City as a footwear designer by day and blogger by night.

Nichole Alabi, 29

Toronto |

Nichole’s STYLE PANEL posts Nichole Alabi is an American girl in Toronto, an assistant buyer by day, fashion designer by night, and blogger by happenstance.

An eternal ’90s girl, Nichole’s style is a mix of Seattle grunge, Calvin Klein minimalist, and In Living Color Fly Girl. As a firm believer that noteworthy personal style starts with inspiration, Nichole has created a highly curated personal style diary based on hers at Her site has been recognized by Lucky Magazine and Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Jillian Lansky, 28

Vancouver | The August Diaries

Jillian’s STYLE PANEL posts Jill is a Vancouver-based stylist and fashion merchandiser who writes about personal style on her blog, The August Diaries. Inspired and informed by

prominent designers, she believes that style is much more than what you wear. The August Diaries has been featured in InStyle, People Stylewatch and Framework magazine.

Christopher Norris, 26

Haliifax |

Christopher’s STYLE PANEL posts Chris is an aspiring actor/musician with a passion for arts, creativity and style. Originally from a small New Brunswick village,

Chris makes it a priority to stand out and express his many sides through fashion. He finds it difficult to choose just one style. As an actor, he feels each day is like putting on a new character, which he shares on

Sasha Xiao, 25

Toronto, ON | Sasha’s Satisfashion

Sasha’s STYLE PANEL posts Sasha is a Chinese girl living her Canadian dream. From reporting to blogging, she never stops telling and writing stories. With her blog

Sasha’s Satisfashion, she hopes to transform the runway looks to every day affordable outfits and to be the bridge between the Asian community and Western culture through fashion and beauty. Sasha believes that, just like music, fashion and beauty could be a universal language too.

Jessica Concannon, 31

Montreal | WestmountFashionista

Jessica’s STYLE PANEL posts A former buyer and personal shopper, Jessica moved to Montreal for love with a 26ft U-Haul of clothing and her 8lb blonde poodle.

After turning her husband’s office into her closet, Jessica started her blog as a way to prove to him that she actually wears all of her “stuff”. WestmountFashionista shares Jessica’s love of mixing high-quality investment pieces with fast-fashion wallet friendly items as well as offering an insiders look at the fashion industry. When not surfing Net-A-Porter and ASOS for “research” purposes, Jessica also freelances as a stylist.

Kerrie Sanderson, 26

Edmonton | Kerried Aweigh

Kerrie’s STYLE PANEL posts Kerrie is an Edmonton born and raised fashion lover and bargain huntress with a particular weakness for leopard print, jewelry

and Chuck Taylor sneakers. She started her personal style blog, Kerried Aweigh, as an outlet to chronicle her ever-growing collection of vintage, thrifted and new finds. Not one to adhere to any specific “style,” Kerrie draws inspiration from an array of influences (often movies, music and celebrities) and she loves to experiment with different looks.

Lara Cardoso, 21

Toronto | Lara Cardoso

Lara’s STYLE PANEL posts Lara is a Toronto-based fashion and lifestyle blogger and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto.

Lara launched her blog in hopes to inspire the digital world through posts on style, beauty, travel and whatever else she comes by. Lara has always been drawn to fashion and expressing herself through clothes. Lara believes that true style comes from within, and trusts that pairing personal style with current trends is what creates a most unique yet fashionable self.