Style Panel: Think the boxy trend isn’t for you? 4 bloggers disprove your theory

Boxy Style Panel Challenge: Kristin MacDonald, Doll Parade

Kristin MacDonald, 27
Fredericton | Doll Parade

I am going pretty gaga over the oversized trend though it proves difficult to wear for a petite girl of 5’3″ who can’t just wear anything with the grace of a gazelle. Enter this semi-pleated lantern skirt. Though the photo may not do it full justice, this skirt is kind of enormous. Trickily enough, though, it sits high on the waist that I can still keep part of my silhouette when wearing it, which is what ultimately sold me on the shape. I threw in my boyfriend blazer for good measure and paired my oversized items with a neutral silk blouse, tying it haphazardly at the waist so that I wasn’t swimming in a sea of fabric.

Small details like a simple knot can change the entire shape of a blouse, designating at least one focal point to this otherwise completely too-big-on-purpose kind of outfit. Next up: finding a cocoon coat with pillow sleeves that is not to my ankles. Mission accepted.